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EUMETFAST free demo access

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Dear Colleague,
I'm Antonio from GaiaG. To better exploit our EUMETFAST free demo please, use the instructions on the introductive video:
Link to video “EUMETFAST - how to use the demo”
password: eumetfastdemo2

You can also use the "INFO" menus within the demo and look ad the "HOW IT WORKS" item.

Please don't hesitate to click the ruby button ”Click here before the demo expiration” directly in the demo to have further information without any obligation from your side.

If you have any doubt, you can contact me:
skype ID: gaiag company
Mobile: (+39) 388.199.8800
email: [hidden email]

Best regards

Advanced system for satellites data exploitation
[hidden email]
Skype: GaiaG company
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