Landsat 8 image processing

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Landsat 8 image processing

Martin Kabantu
good day 
Dear all
I had a question on processing Landsat 8 image in SEBS for estimating evapotranstiration, How to do that?

Martin KABANTU Ing.Agr.CB-HYDRONET/GRN/FACAGRO/Université de Kinshasa; MSc in IWRM-Department of civil engineering /University of Zimbambwe Tel: +243896338622; +263782850338  [hidden email]

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Re: Landsat 8 image processing

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Dear all!

Martin; I am not sure but I believe it may be possible, as most of the bands are available in landsat8. I am also looking now to use SEBs tool with Landsat8 for ETo estimation. If I come to cross any reference I will send you.

For ILWIS community:  Does anyone can please respond to the question asked by Martin, as I am also in the same boat as Martin.

Many thanks