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New ILWIS Python extension

Bas Retsios

Hello all,

Today we have released a new Beta version of our Python extension for IlwisObjects.
IlwisObjects is the framework that forms the foundation of a new line of software products for spatial analysis and computation.
The Python extension is the first member of this line. The extension gives access to:

  • advanced raster calculator
  • many routines for analysing data
  • tools for finegrained access and iteration over your data
  • seamless integration of different data formats for both reading and writing
  • easy integration with other Python extensions

Download and installation instructions, and a few short tutorials and how to's:
(documentation under development)

In-time, more documentation will be available here:

The team looks forward to your comments and experiences.

Best regards,

Bas Retsios
ILWIS team

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