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Satellite data - EUMETFAST system free demo access

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Dear Colleague,
our EUMETFAST system is ready, you can find below your free demo and intro video accesses. Please pay attention to what EUMETFAST really represents. EUMETFAST is not “just” the system that allows you to produce more than 700 satellite maps every day starting from EUMETCast DVB-S2 High Volume Service, but it is also a Spatial Data Infrastructure and a customizable web Human Machine Interface. A system of systems based on a complex architecture, but user-friendly thanks to its fully automation.
EUMETFAST starts from EUMETCast DVB-S2 satellites data but ends up providing you a revolutionary new solution able to merge in a single platform every kind of remotely sensed data: satellites other than those disseminated by EUMETCast, drone, aircraft and ground-sensors. It represents a radical revolution in the way of monitoring from your workstation any Area of your Interest in near real time and in continuous. Please, see the introductive video and try the free demo access:

1) First of all, it is very important to watch the introductive video (only 11 minutes)
Link to video “EUMETFAST - how to use the demo”
password: eumetfastdemo2

2) Secondly, access to the free on-line demo
EUMETFAST demo link
User: [hidden email]
Password: satrevolution
Log in now, your demo will last 2 days starting from your first access.
Important notes: google Chrome browser is mandatory, and browser zoom level must be 100%.
Full screen visualization is preferable.

3) How to proceed after the demo
Click on the ruby button ”Click here before the demo expiration” directly in the demo to have further information.

That's all !
Easier to do than to say.

If you have any doubt, we could also arrange a free conference call for Questions and Answers.
Please add even now my skype ID: gaiag company.

Feel free to share this access with your colleagues who work with satellites, other kind of remotely sensed data or environmental and security sectors.

Enjoy our intro video.

Best regards

Advanced system for satellites data exploitation
[hidden email]
Skype: GaiaG company
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