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release ilwis 3.8.5


Ilwis 3.8.5 has been released ( . This is mainly a bug fix release.


The following bugs were solved, some new features were added:


- Map Window selections: added the option to select polygons (previously only points and segments could be selected)

- Added ellipsoidal Plate Carree coordinate system

- Table Join operation: added the missing option to join a column of type Coord, making it possible to e.g. join the coordinates of a pointmap into its attribute table

- Space Time Cube: added the 3D wind-rose option; added XT, XY, YT lines

- Applications: added Parallax Correction of clouds for MSG images (under Image Processing), and Probability Density raster generation (frmprobabilitydensity)


- Improved the compatibility on computers with Intel HD Graphics or combo-graphics-hardware (potential crashes when opening a Map Window). Therefore the "Software Rendering" option in the ILWIS Preferences can be disabled for those who enabled it as a workaround.

- Restored the Epipolar Stereopair functionality (both creation and viewing in the stereoscope window)

- Restored the Import->ILWIS->TIFF functionality (message DATUM.DEF was not found)

- Many stability and usability improvements in the Import functionality for both maps and tables, and recognition of more projections (all Import methods, including ILWIS, GDAL and PostgreSQL)

- Stability improvements in the Export functionality (both ILWIS and GDAL)

- Calling external commands works again (message Exit Code 1)

- Restored the rectangle-based Zoom-Out functionality

- Restored the No-Zoom option for raster images that maps each raster pixel to an on-screen pixel. Use the "Global Tools->Geometry->GeoReference" tool and select the georeference that corresponds to the raster image, in order to display it unprojected.

- MapGlue now allows gluing large images

- Improved the table Window summary statistics for boolean columns and for selected records

- Improved the interactive slicing application

- Solved the problem whereby the Representation Editor would show a wrong color ramp in the preview

- Solved potential crashes and wrong results in the vector operations Union and Intersect

- Solved "vector<T> too long" error when opening corrupted polygon maps

- Improvements in per-class hatching and transparency for polygon layers

- Solve potential crashes when opening "Use As" data

- Now the Color Composite application creates 24 bits files when this option is selected (previously it was always 8 bits)

- Open Street Map: corrected the zoom level making the labels readable, and solved potential deadlocks and crashes. Known issue: OSM may not show in 3D-view, depending on the viewing angle.

- DEM Hydro-Processing functions: solved potential "vector <T> too long" and "Find Error" problems, and the menu is now arranged in the recommended workflow order.

- Maplist Statistics now work again: solved the "Encountered an improper argument" error

- Solved inconsistent behavior in iff statement when one of the parameters is undef (?): iff (a,b,?) is now the same as iff(not a,?,b)

- Solved crashes or empty results in copying a map to the clipboard when using WMS and Open Street Map, or when using Software Rendering

- Solved crashes and inconsistent behavior in the Cross Section, Hovmoeller and Track Profile tools

- Solved many random crashes in ILWIS

Martin Schouwenburg

[hidden email]


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